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Scholarships for Cybersecurity Students

DoD Cyber Scholarship Program (DoD CySP)

The Department of Defense (DoD) offers one of the most generous scholarships to improve the nation's and the DoD's security posture. These scholarships are offered to both non-DoD and DoD employees. Target candidates for the non-DoD employee scholarships are attending or plan to attend colleges or universities who are designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence (NCAE) in Cybersecurity (UCCS qualifies!). Upon graduation, recipients are required to work for the DoD for a period of time, based on their award, but -- GET THIS -- you can do offensive cyber during your service. Awards include free tuition and up to a $32,000 annual stipend. Contact Josh Alcorn ( or Jugal Kalita ( for more information or visit DoD Cyber Scholarship Program.

CU System: VICEROY Cyber Grant & Fellowship @ CyberRangerForce

If you are a cyber student, defense industry-bound student or an ROTC Cadet, you can get a $2,500 scholarships (per person) and a paid summer internship. CyberRangerForce is a CU-wide Virtual Center, led by UCCS, for current undergraduate students pursuing cybersecurity or related degrees. Scholarships available for Spring & Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 semesters.

For more information, or to apply, CLICK HERE. Or email


LinkedIn: Possibilities in Tech Scholarship

This scholarship is targeted at graduating high school students who have been historically under-represented in technology. The scholarship is for 4 years (duration of college experience) and can total up to $40,000 per person in that time, assuming requirements are met.

Colorado College Opportunity Fund - COF

If you plan to attend college in Colorado, the state awards scholarships for some Colorado colleges and universities. This scholarship is not major-specific. UCCS is a participating university in COF.

CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS)

This scholarship is designed to recruit IT, cybersecurity and industrial control systems (ICS) professionals to jobs in federal, state, local and tribal governments. If requirements are met, the scholarships can supply up to 3 years of support for undergraduate and graduate education, as a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). There is a requirement to work for the US Government after graduation.

Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship

This scholarship targets students of all ages interested in STEM, technology and advanced manufacturing. In 2023, Lockheed Martin awarded up to $5,000 per student for up to 150 recipients.

Center for Cyber Safety & Education Scholarship

Sponsored by (ISC)2 & CCSE, this scholarship encourages degrees in cybersecurity, information assurance, or related fields. It is a global scholarship that totaled more almost $200,000 in awards in 2023. Target candidates include undergraduate, graduate, military/Veteran/spouse, women of color, and BIPOC, and under-represented populations.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to high school, undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate financial need. It is not specific to a particular major. Aspiring college students can receive up to $55,000 per year in addition to other supportive services.

Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship

This scholarship is for eligible Veterans who are currently enrolled in a STEM program. It provides up to 9 months or $30,000 in training for high-demand fields including STEM and cybersecurity.

InfoSec Accelerate Scholarship Program

This scholarship is granted to 15 recipients each year. It provides lifetime access to InfoSec Skills, a platform that provides hands-on cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges. Target recipients include women, BIPOC populations, Military and Veterans, LGBTQI+ and college undergraduate students.

Information Assurance Scholarships from the DoD & NSA

There are a series of scholarships for network security, information security and information assurance at this link. Some are sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Security Administration (NSA). These require a period of employment after graduation. Others are provided by private entities (Cisco Systems, Symantec, etc.) and do not have a service requirement.

Interdisciplinary Studies Scholarships

As part of Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, students can participate in scholarship projects to explore the connection between cybersecurity and their chosen educational path.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI)

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI) at UCCS furthers initiatives where technology and ethics meet, and there’s no better concentration than Cybersecurity for this. The Daniels Fund has created a unique opportunity for UCCS students to engage with the ethics initiative, partner with a DFEI fellow, and gain valuable experience as a DFEI Student Ambassador.

Internship Opportunities

Department of Homeland Security

Cybersecurity Internship Program

Program Type: Paid Internship
Program Duration: 10-Week Program
Location: Washington, D.C.

Interns will apply concepts, protocols, and tools acquired through coursework in the real world by working side by side with experts in cybersecurity. The program focuses on areas such as identification and analysis of malicious code, forensics analysis, incident handling, intrusion detection and prevention, and software assurance.

Learn more about the program.

National Security Agency

NSA Student Internship Program

Program Type: Varies
Program Duration: Varies
Location: Varies

The NSA Student Internship Program offers internship positions in several areas, including Operations Research Technology, Cryptanalysis and Signals Analysis, CAE Cyber Operations, and more.

Learn more about the program.

Defense Information Systems Agency

Internship Programs & Employment for Early Career

Program Type: Paid entry level jobs and internships
Program Duration: Varies
Location: Varies

DISA acts as the IT department for the US Department of Defense and the White House. They offer programs for recent grad's (DISA Pathways Recent Graduate Program) and for students (DISA Pathways Internship Program).

Learn more about these programs.

Federal Government Internships thru USAJobs

US Government Internship Program

Program Type: Internships for current students

Program Duration: Throughout your time in school

Location: Varies

On the USAJobs website, you can search for a specific internship opportunity made available through the Pathways program. You will also see other programs and opportunities on this page, e.g., scholarships, internships, training and education through various Federal Departments. For more information from the US OPM (Office of Personnel Management) on the Internship Program for students and recent grads, visit this site. For more information on the Pathways Internship Program (background, etc.), visit this site. All of these resources are tied, ultimately, to USAJobs.

Cybersecurity Internships - GitHub Page from Rice University

Cybersecurity Internships National Listing Resource

This Github site lists various internships at different organizations across the US by industry type and by company/organization. It is a resource provided by the WiCyS Chapter at Rice University. It is being updated often, so check back frequently, especially if you're looking for a specific location or company.


Training and Education Resources for Students

Cybersecurity resources to help supplement your college career.

Professor Messer

YouTube Channel

Video-based free tutorials to study for any CompTIA certification

Network Chuck

YouTube Channel

Everything from CCNA classes, networking tutorials (Linux, VMs, Google Networking, etc.) to product reviews like the new Raspberry Pi -- both the basics and tutorials centered around hacking.

NICE Cybersecurity Challenge Project - Build Workforce Experience

Bringing Students the Workforce Experience They Need 

The NICE Challenge Project gives students the opportunity to develop real-world cybersecurity skills! Challenges are available in virtualized business environments, making for the most realistic cyber experiences. Assess and build your cyber knowledge, skills and abilities today!

Cybersecurity Career Information


Cyberseek Education and Careers in Cybersecurity

Cyberseek provides high level jobs data and helps students explore a variety of educational pathways in cybersecurity.

US Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics provides thorough and recent information on a variety of cybersecurity career paths, jobs, pay rates, and education requirements. 


Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC)

PPWFC connects businesses with work-ready job seekers and employment-driven services in the Pikes Peak region.


National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS)

Visit the NICCS website for an interactive tool that helps you explore jobs and roles within the NICE Framework for Cybersecurity.


Society of Industrial Security Professionals

NCMS is a non-profit, professional security society offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development at the local and national levels.

NICCS Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NICE Framework)

NICCS/NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Development Tool 

This tool from the National Institute of Cybersecurity Education helps both students and employers better articulate the jobs and careers of interest in cybersecurity. This tool is a cybersecurity jobs/workforce framework that enumerates the vast career options for those interested in cybersecurity employment. 

Cybersecurity Conferences and Competitions

Hacker Halted

Hacker Halted is EC-Council’s annual IT Security Conference, focusing on topics such as ethical hacking, computer forensics, pen testing, and many others.

Dates: October 3-4, 2022

National Cyber League

The National Cyber League (NCL) is a performance base and learning community where cyber security is a passion. The NCL enables high school and college students to prepare and test themselves against practical cybersecurity challenges.


C2Games is an entry-level cybersecurity gaming competition hosted for NCAE schools (National Center for Academic Excellence) in Cyber Defense – designed specifically for first-timers. As a student of an NCAE school, you can register here and work through cybersecurity challenges, starting at a basic level and working up to more complex challenges.

DOD Cyber Centinel Skills Challenge

Showcase your skills, win your share of $15,000 in cash prizes, and kickstart a career with the US Department of Defense.

Applications are due each year in May, and the competition takes place in May, as well.

Apply Now! 

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